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The Small and Medium Entrepreneur has direct contact with his market, full control over his production and employees, understands all the moving parts of his setup and has a great vision. However, the vision lacks execution. The lack of execution is not due to the lack of conviction in the vision, but mostly due to prioritization. Below is an adaptation of Stephen Covey’s time management matrix for a typical entrepreneur showing disproportionate focus on tasks that are important, but have become urgent only because they were not addressed properly at origin. The more time spent on these tasks, the more the anxiety, the more the uncertainties, the more are the opportunities for slips.

Yours Efficiently is an ‘Efficiency Services’ provider of Virtual Support Services to Small & Medium Enterprises. The premise of Yours Efficiently is to provide cost efficient solutions for support functions such as Finance & Accounting, Human Resources & Training, Marketing Support and Technology Services. Access to Yours Efficiently's talent allows an enterprise's core team to focus on the subject matter of its business; be it trading, manufacturing or client servicing, while handing over support functions to experts with multiple years of experience in providing both vision and execution support in these areas. In relation to the matrix depicted above, Yours Efficiently helps the entrepreneur focus on the 'important but not urgent' group of tasks, at a 'perceived cost' that will surpass the benefits.

Core Principles

Organizational Enablement Vision

Provide a vision to every support function in order to look beyond today’s requirements, and prepare the organization for the medium term.

Empower Decision Makers

Our offerings are designed to be data oriented and free-up decision makers from daily responsibilities and provide them insights for superior execution.

Functional Specialization

Deploy specialists for every function and train them in your industry, and allow them to share best practices across industries and countries.

Process Orientation

Make your small enterprise process dependant from being people dependant.

Process Standardization

Consolidate and standardize business processes across various branches, product lines and process orient all business processes.

Capex & Fixed Cost Takeout

Minimize investments in off the shelf tools, which come along with required and unrequired features, while costing for unrequired features as well.

Our Skills

Provide a vision to every support function in order to look beyond today’s requirements, and prepare the organization for the medium term. .

Process Consulting & Reengineering
Business Tools and Technology Intervention
Industry Best Practices
Result Orientation & Project Management

Why People like us?

  • Tulasi Traders

    Yours Efficiently by all means has a team of 'efficient’, dedicated and sportive; ready to take up any challenge, to fulfill the requirements of their clients.

    -Pankaj A

Elephant and the frail rope

As a man was passing a group of elephants, in a village, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. The elephants seemed happy and content. It was obvious that those elephants could, at anytime, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not.

He saw a trainer nearby and asked why these animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. “Well,”the trainer said, “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, it's enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe that they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.”

The man was amazed. These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were.

We sometimes go through our lives hanging onto beliefs that we cannot do something, simply because we never tried. Never stop trying. Let’s be persistent in our efforts and make ourselves efficient


Service Efficiently

  •  Android mobile app for on-field service agents
  •  Customer mobile/web app for service/product tracking
  •  Assignment of service requests to service agents
  •  Management dashboard
  •  Cost of service and quality analysis
  •  Back-end admin module
  •  SMS and alert facility
  •  Spares management

Produce Efficiently

  •  Android Tab Based Floor Supervisor App
  •  Web-based Admin Modulet
  •  Web based Management Dashboard
  •  Production Targets Review
  •  Employee Performance Scorecard

Leads Efficiently

  •  Customer Database Management
  •  Tracking and alerts for leads
  •  SMS/Email Reminders
  •  Web based Management Dashboard
  •  Product Management
  •  Sales Target Management

Employ Efficiently

  •  Employee master data Management & documentation
  •  Attendance update & overtime analysis
  •  Payroll management
  •  ESI & EPF
  •  Salary Advances
  •   Employee Loan Module
  •  Performance Management
  •  Incentives
  •  Salary Increment
  •  Bonus

Play Efficiently

  •  Online tracking & sport scores
  •  Multiple discipline
  •  Tournament format
  •  Sponsor publicity and links to social media
  •  Points tables and draws
  •  Scorecands

Sell Efficiently

  •  Front facing B2B solution
  •  Product/sub-product management
  •  Inventory management module
  •  Targeted selling
  •  Integration with invoicing/accounting Software
  •  Whatsapp friendly
Real Estate Asset Management Support
  • gallery 1
  • Portfolio Management

    • Investor reporting
    • Portfolio analytics
    • Return analysis
    • Disposition analysis
    • Document management & indexing
    • Accounting system migration support

  • gallery 2
  • Property Accounting

    • Lease administration
    • CAM auditing & reconciliation
    • AP processing
    • AR - cash application and collections
    • GL - accruals
    • Financial reporting
    • Bank reconciliation

  • gallery 3
  • Property Management

    • Budget reforecast
    • Construction draws
    • Business plan support
    • Waterfall modeling
    • Loan & partnership abstracting
    • Tenant credit analysis
    • Net effective rent analysis

  • gallery 4
  • Due Diligence / Valuation

    • Cash Flow Modeling/ Valuation (Argus, Dyna)
    • Lease abstracts
    • IRR, sensitivity analysis, JV structuring
    • Market analysis
    • Presentation rent roll & audits
    • Financial auditing

Virtual CIO Services

The focus of our CIO Services is to take the IT needs of the small and medium entrepreneur beyond the accounting software. Technology can be used to enhance multi-fold the customer experience, improve the processes within the organization, reduce effort on repeated transactions every few days and select the right fit of a product be it accounting or business processes.

The focus of our CIO Services is not to provide IT solutions, the focus is to provide IT vision. We work with the core team to determine:

-What is the best fit IT solution for the organization, not only for today but in the medium term?
- How could the investment in IT stand the test of time and competition?
- How can the enterprise stay ahead of the competition by investing right in IT?
- How the cost of IT can be a fraction of the benefits?
- How could the enterprise bring in market leading customer interfaces?
- How could we align our IT investments towards enhancing customer experience?

  • gallery 1
  • Mobile Enablement

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

  • gallery 2
  • Workflow Tracking & Document Management

    Track status of your business activities online. approve transactions on the move to clear bottlenecks

  • gallery 3
  • Low-cost Automation

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

  • gallery 4
  • ERP & Accounting Tools Support

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

  • gallery 2
  • Infra Support

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

People Services

We at Yours Efficiently believe that managing people is much more than recruitment, payroll and related compliance. While these are the basis of a human resource department's existence, Yours Efficiently assists in managing people, the people way.

Recruitment Support: Our People Services not only assist in identifying the right people, but also assist in creating a process of identifying staffing requirements, defining job descriptions & roles, etc. The objective of the recruitment support is not to start hiring people when we need resources, but have people ready and inducted when there is a work. This ensures minimal business disruptions or delays, and the right hiring, since we don't end up hiring in a hurry.

Soft Skills & Domain Training: Training our staff is one thing and understanding the training requirements is quite another. There is always a complaint from a small enterprise that their staff is not skilled up to the mark, but not a lot is done to get them up the curve. On most days, just identifying the training needs in a structured manner is half the job done. Yours Efficiently supports in creating a people development program around individuals, assist in tracking the development goals and tracking changes in performance be it skills as rudimentary as managing Excel Spreadsheets or as sophisticated as voice and accent.

Payroll & HR Compliance (EPF, ESI): Making sure the leave balances of employees are tracked well and right is an important task. Equally important from an employee perspective is to take care of its compensation and benefits program to ensure optimized tax benefits. Also, it is important to calculate the right amount of deductions from employees, and pay the right amount of monies into social security initiatives such as EPF/ESI. All these require specialized focus, and our People Services exactly provide those.

Performance Management: Like we do not like surprises in employee behaviour towards us, employees don't like surprises in our behaviour as well. Every employee likes to be given feedback for improvement. Every improvement in an employee's repertoire will necessarily have a positive impact on the enterprise's bottom line. In order to make sure that these keep coming, it is important to define KRAs (Key Result Areas) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), in order for an employee to know how he is contributing to the betterment of the enterprise and adding to stakeholder value. Such clarity of vision and mission at the grassroots is what makes good organizations great.

Virtual CFO Services

Yours Efficiently's Virtual CFO Services assist Small and Medium Enterprises in managing the Finance Operations for the CEO. In most cases, the CEO is used to a so called 'Finance Team' that completes book keeping and banking transactions culminating in a year-end frenzy to present books of accounts, and a little bit of followed-up compliance, with no or little importance to budgeting and forecasting, variance analysis, dashboard and business performance analysis. Funding and capital management often directly becomes a CEO's business.

  • gallery 1
  • Book Keeping & Reconciliations

    • Sales, Purchase, Payments & Receipts
    • Collection Follow-ups, SMS & Calls
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • Supplier & Customer Confirmations & Reconciliations

  • gallery 2
  • Accounting & Finalization

    • Periodic Closure of Books
    • Depreciation & Provisions Accounting
    • Assessment of Tax Liability
    • Balance Sheet Review

  • gallery 3
  • Compliance (VAT, ST, ROC)

    • SalesTax, Service Tax & TDS Returns
    • Statutory Audit Compliance & Support
    • Statutory Filings
    • Advance TaxCalculations

  • gallery 4
  • Dashboards & Analytics

    • Ratio Analysis
    • On-going Dashboard for Decision Making
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Variance Analysis

  • gallery 2
  • Funding & Advisory

    • Forex & Domestic Trade Finance Support
    • Promoter Funding
    • Working Capital Funding
    • Bank & NBFC Liason

Yours Efficiently is constantly looking to add to its pool of Efficiency Consultants. Some of our immediate openings include:

User Interface Designer
[# Positions: 2]
Job Description
  • As a Web Designer you should be able to make a business requirement into project of web design.You will be responsible for creating prototype of a product. You should be both creative and technically inclined, and use both these attributes to build or redesign websites. You must be able to understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to the user. We are looking for a talented Web Designer to create amazing user experiences. The ideal candidate should have an eye for clean and artful design, possess superior user interface design skills and be able to translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and artifacts, and transform them into beautiful, intuitive, and functional designs.

  1. 1.Design responsive web pages for static & dynamic websites, and business tools, including forms and reports.

    2.Convert business logic and requirements into tool prototypes.

    3.Provide support to developers in their coding, in order to handle design related aspects.

    4.Interact with clients to compile business requirements along with business analysts

    5.Report progress on various projects and discuss issues & ideas with client and management.

Skills and Experience:
  1. 1. 0-2 years have experience in HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap.

    2. Working knowledge on Photoshop is plus.

    3. Knowledge of Angular J.S or Node J.S is plus.

    4. Knowing Adobe Flash and Animation is plus.

    5. Should have the ability to handle multiple requirements & deliver results.

    6. Ability to grasp quickly and deploy new technologies.

    7.Experience in developing pages for multiple browsers including mobile browsers and ensure cross browser compatibility.

Education Qualifications:
  • Any graduate (preferably MCA or BE )
Technical Consultant: Low Cost Automation
[# Positions: 2]
Job Description
  • As an Efficiency Consultant - Low Cost Automation, you will be responsible for creating tools using MS-Excel (with or without Excel Macros) and MS-Access for Small and Medium Enterprises.The tools will generally wrap around existing software, applications and systems in order to assist clients in running their businesses smoothly and effectively.Candidates must possess advanced knowledge MS-Office Suite (including MS-Access & VBA Macros) and an ability to solution for complex business problems along with customers.

  1. 1. Create tools in MS-Access & MS- Excel for handling data for small and medium enterprises.

    2.Review  client business propose solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of client business processes

    3. Own cost savings, quality improvement and/or control targets set by clients, track the achievement of the targets and report internally and externally.

    4. Understand the dynamics involving small and medium enterprises, and propose solutions that fit small and medium enterprises

    5. Develop re-usable components for the tools and crate a library of such tools for retro-fit into new projects

    6. Meet delivery timelines and deliver output to the satisfaction of the clients.

    7. Communicate and collaborate with clients and managers on a regular basis.

Skills and Experience:
  1. 1. 1-3 years of experience in creating excel models, access tools and VBA macros.

    2. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills, with strong attention to detail.

    3. Good communication skills and ability to create training modules and manuals.

    4. Ability to multi-task between assignments in a fast-paced, interactive, result-oriented team environment.

Education Qualifications:
  • Any commerce or science graduate with additional training in VBA.
Financial Analyst - Real Estate
[# Positions: 1]
Job Description
  • As a Financial Analyst – Real Estate, you will be responsible for creating financial models and preparing presentations relating to Commercial Real Estate across the globe, Europe in particular. The output of the analysis will be Cash Flow Projection, Return Analyses, Distribution Waterfall etc. in Excel and PowerPoint. Candidates must possess excellent knowledge of financial concepts and be proficient in MS-Office Suite.

  1. 1. Create/update financial models across different property types, based on information provided by the client

    2. Analyze hold/sell strategies, significant capital expenditures, major leases and refinancing.

    3. Understand real estate market dynamics of the target market and suggest market assumptions including leasing assumptions, cap rates, discount rates, operating and capital expenses

    4 .Justify assumptions used in the modeling process during asset review meetings.

    5. Create PowerPoint presentations explaining the background, assumptions and the results of financial modeling.

    6.Attend trainings and discussions scheduled by managers (both off-shore & on-shore): for status updates, for training on new concepts/templates, for clarifications on client and modeling requirements.

Skills and Experience:
  1. 1. 0-4 years of experience in financial modeling, especially real estate cash flow modeling.

    2. Advanced working knowledge of MS-Office Suite.

    3. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills, with strong attention to detail.

    4. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to understand a variety of English language accents across Europe and the US.

    5. Knowledge of Real Estate Financial Modeling tools such as Argus DCF, Argus Enterprise, Cougar, etc. is a plus.

    6. Understanding of various financial structures involving Private Equity players is a plus.

    7. Ability to multi-task between assignments in a fast-paced, interactive, result-oriented team environment.

Education Qualifications:
  • Post Graduate Degree in Finance, Chartered Accountant or equivalent
Graphic Designer
[# Positions: 1]
Job Description
  • We are looking for a creative graphic designer with up-to-date knowledge to interpret our clients needs and to design solutions with high visual impact. You will work on a variety of projects, which include websites, product packaging, exhibitions, corporate identity etc.

  1. 1. Cultivate a solid body of work using the design “brief” to record requirements and client needs
    2. Schedule project implementation and define budget constraints
    3. Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software
    4. Think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts
    5. Prepare rough drafts and present your ideas
    6. Amend final designs to clients comments and gain full approval
    7. Work as part of a team with web designers, programmers, management and clients for the overall delivery of client satisfaction and shareholder value.
Skills and Experience:
  1. 1. 1 -3 years of graphic designing experience using a variety of design tools including AI, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and/or CorelDraw.
    2. Possession of creative flair, versatility, conceptual/visual ability and originality
    3. Demonstrable graphic design skills with a strong portfolio
    4. Ability to interact, communicate and present ideas
    5. Professionalism regarding time, costs and deadlines
Education Qualifications:
  • Any Graduate, with certification and training in using above mentioned design tools

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