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The Small and Medium Entrepreneur has direct contact with his market, full control over his production and employees, understands all the moving parts of his setup and has a great vision. However, the vision lacks execution. The lack of execution is not due to the lack of conviction in the vision, but mostly due to prioritization. Below is an adaptation of Stephen Covey’s time management matrix for a typical entrepreneur showing disproportionate focus on tasks that are important, but have become urgent only because they were not addressed properly at origin. The more time spent on these tasks, the more the anxiety, the more the uncertainties, the more are the opportunities for slips.

Yours Efficiently is an ‘Efficiency Services’ provider of Virtual Support Services to Small & Medium Enterprises. The premise of Yours Efficiently is to provide cost efficient solutions for support functions such as Finance & Accounting, Human Resources & Training, Marketing Support and Technology Services. Access to Yours Efficiently's talent allows an enterprise's core team to focus on the subject matter of its business; be it trading, manufacturing or client servicing, while handing over support functions to experts with multiple years of experience in providing both vision and execution support in these areas. In relation to the matrix depicted above, Yours Efficiently helps the entrepreneur focus on the 'important but not urgent' group of tasks, at a 'perceived cost' that will surpass the benefits.

Core Principles

Organizational Enablement Vision

Provide a vision to every support function in order to look beyond today’s requirements, and prepare the organization for the medium term.

Empower Decision Makers

Our offerings are designed to be data oriented and free-up decision makers from daily responsibilities and provide them insights for superior execution.

Functional Specialization

Deploy specialists for every function and train them in your industry, and allow them to share best practices across industries and countries.

Process Orientation

Make your small enterprise process dependant from being people dependant.

Process Standardization

Consolidate and standardize business processes across various branches, product lines and process orient all business processes.

Capex & Fixed Cost Takeout

Minimize investments in off the shelf tools, which come along with required and unrequired features, while costing for unrequired features as well.

Our Skills

Provide a vision to every support function in order to look beyond today’s requirements, and prepare the organization for the medium term. .

Process Consulting & Reengineering
Business Tools and Technology Intervention
Industry Best Practices
Result Orientation & Project Management

Why People like us?

Elephant and the frail rope

As a man was passing a group of elephants, in a village, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. The elephants seemed happy and content. It was obvious that those elephants could, at anytime, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not.

He saw a trainer nearby and asked why these animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. “Well,”the trainer said, “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, it's enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe that they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.”

The man was amazed. These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were.

We sometimes go through our lives hanging onto beliefs that we cannot do something, simply because we never tried. Never stop trying. Let’s be persistent in our efforts and make ourselves efficient


Service Efficiently

  •  Android mobile app for on-field service agents
  •  Customer mobile/web app for service/product tracking
  •  Assignment of service requests to service agents
  •  Management dashboard
  •  Cost of service and quality analysis
  •  Back-end admin module
  •  SMS and alert facility
  •  Spares management

Produce Efficiently

  •  Android Tab Based Floor Supervisor App
  •  Web-based Admin Modulet
  •  Web based Management Dashboard
  •  Production Targets Review
  •  Employee Performance Scorecard

Leads Efficiently

  •  Customer Database Management
  •  Tracking and alerts for leads
  •  SMS/Email Reminders
  •  Web based Management Dashboard
  •  Product Management
  •  Sales Target Management

Employ Efficiently

  •  Employee master data Management & documentation
  •  Attendance update & overtime analysis
  •  Payroll management
  •  ESI & EPF
  •  Salary Advances
  •   Employee Loan Module
  •  Performance Management
  •  Incentives
  •  Salary Increment
  •  Bonus

Play Efficiently

  •  Online tracking & sport scores
  •  Multiple discipline
  •  Tournament format
  •  Sponsor publicity and links to social media
  •  Points tables and draws
  •  Scorecands

Sell Efficiently

  •  Front facing B2B solution
  •  Product/sub-product management
  •  Inventory management module
  •  Targeted selling
  •  Integration with invoicing/accounting Software
  •  Whatsapp friendly
End-to-End Tech Support

The focus of our CIO Services is to take the IT needs of the small and medium entrepreneur beyond the accounting software. Technology can be used to enhance multi-fold the customer experience, improve the processes within the organization, reduce effort on repeated transactions every few days and select the right fit of a product be it accounting or business processes.

The focus of our CIO Services is not to provide IT solutions, the focus is to provide IT vision. We work with the core team to determine:

-What is the best fit IT solution for the organization, not only for today but in the medium term?
- How could the investment in IT stand the test of time and competition?
- How can the enterprise stay ahead of the competition by investing right in IT?
- How the cost of IT can be a fraction of the benefits?
- How could the enterprise bring in market leading customer interfaces?
- How could we align our IT investments towards enhancing customer experience?

  • gallery 1
  • Mobile Enablement

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

  • gallery 2
  • Workflow Tracking & Document Management

    Track status of your business activities online. approve transactions on the move to clear bottlenecks

  • gallery 3
  • Low-cost Automation

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

  • gallery 4
  • ERP & Accounting Tools Support

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

  • gallery 2
  • Infra Support

    Enchance your customer experience by creating mobile apps for daily use-placing & tracking offers,status reporting

India Offshoring

Looking for support to set up an offshore team that will act as the extension of your team, support you round the clock, is highly passionate and can deliver high quality output for your customers? Or maybe you want to add an additional skill that your team could deliver? Or maybe transform your existing team's setup to deliver more. Consultants at Yours Efficiently have done this all, time and again for a variety of customers of sizes small to medium, for teams ranging from 2 associates to 200 associates. Our suite of India Offshoring services make your offshore vision, a job accomplished

- Consulting and forming of the offshore vision
- Creating a realistic and executable project plan
- Setting up the India entity, and managing compliance
- Providing incubation space, to avoid hassles of upfront space liability
- Supporting the identification of initial team
- Book keeping and accounting support for the initial setup
- Payroll and labour compliance
- Facilitating training of early team
- Creating organization structures and processes, appropriate for the team
- Facilitating the tech stack and setup
- Support in putting together the physical and logical infrastructure
- Change management support for the existing organization

Mobile App Development

Growing business challenges require technology solutions that are adaptive and scalable as businesses grows. At Yours Efficiently, we specialize in delivering bespoke mobile solutions that can automate your business processes and provide unimaginable returns either by way of added efficiencies or by way of enhance customer experience

With capabilities across iOS and Android, our mobile app development services can be availed to build both customer and enterprise apps. Our mobile solutions include sales force enabling apps, product configurators and mobile-based Learning Management Systems.

We have supported our customers in enhancing value they provide to end-users. We have been most sought after for blending complex functionalities with intuitive design and great usability. We bring to the table a seamless integration of cross-device and cross-platform solutions supported by unified middleware.

We have developed bespoke apps for:

-Teachers and Parents for Schools
- On-field Service Engineers for Service Companies
- Collaboration tools for members of business and social organizations
- Floor Supervisors to report and track production
- Point of Sales CRM for Electronic and Jewellery Retailers
- On-field Sales Execs to manage to interact with the HR

Bespoke Web-Apps for Business & eCommerce

Customized web applications can add tremendous value by supporting, automating and synchronising your business processes, while integrating with other systems.

At Yours Efficiently, we have developed a wide range of web application solutions for our clients. These business systems apply internet technologies to support and drive their business processes to enhance the quality of their business. Our web applications are all browser-based, which simplify deployment.

We have developed web applications for :

  1. internal use tools: The web application is available for use only on your internal network, primarily to enhance and control your processes. An example of internal-use deployment includes SKU life cycle management for an electronics company that includes procurement, QC, Sales, Warranty Management and After Sales Service.

  2. customer facing apps: These applications are generally in the fashion of e-commerce portal or customer portal, enabling the customers to interact with the organization. For example, we have developed an application for B2B sales of wedding cards for a leading card manufacturer.

Web applications we develop are customized to the customer needs and come with our world class process-consulting expertise, that support in transforming your processes, not only technology, for we believe that good technology coupled with optimized processes can make great companies.

Yours Efficiently is constantly looking to add to its pool of Efficiency Consultants. Some of our immediate openings include:

Yours Efficiently Consulting & Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.

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website - www.yoursefficiently.com


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